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APX Control System

APX Control System

Powerful technology for refrigeration. Amazing convenience for people.

Carrier Transicold’s APX Control System advances the art and science of transport refrigeration control. The ease-of-use and flexible performance capabilities pioneered by Carrier for the renowned Advance™ microprocessor are elevated to the next level with an interactive dashboard, more Reefer Apps and outside-the-box modular architecture.

When equipped with the exclusive APX Control System, Carrier refrigeration systems offer the latest in reliability, flexibility, temperature control, fuel efficiency and user-friendly operation.

The APX Control System makes the industry’s most versatile trailer refrigeration systems more powerful than ever.

Hardware: Reliability

As the industry’s first decentralized control system, the APX Control System eliminates the single, large control box and replaces it with automotive-style compact modules using CAN-bus communication.

Strategic and efficient hardware placement dramatically reduces the size of the electrical system. A simplified system design with fewer components means higher reliability to help keep your equipment on the road.

Software: Intelligence

Sophisticated software and temperature control algorithms maintain an ideal environment inside the trailer, so you can focus on delivering the highest-quality products on time.

New Carrier Transicold Reefer Apps™ offer expanded functionality and value-added features to streamline your operations. Because we know that not only do you have to deliver goods at the right temperature, but in a fuel-efficient, cost-effective manner, too.

Humanware: Simplicity

All the power of the APX Control System is amazingly simple and intuitive for drivers, warehouse personnel and technicians to use.

A large dashboard-style display shows all key operating information, providing an at-a-glance visual indicator of both unit operation and conditions inside the trailer.

An ATM-style interface and exclusive message center with over 300 messages walk users through unit operation in their choice of language.

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Crosspoint Power & Refrigeration locations sell, install and service all Carrier Transicold’s APX Control Systems, and truck and trailer refrigeration units. They also maintain a large parts inventory and can quickly turn around orders for any part that isn’t immediately available.

For more information on Carrier Transicold’s APX Control System, contact the nearest Crosspoint Power & Refrigeration location to speak with a refrigeration specialist or visit the Carrier Transicold website.