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Vector™ Series Hybrid Trailer Refrigeration

Carrier Vector Reefers

The Vector™ Hybrid runs on diesel...It runs on electric...And it puts your business on the right road.

One switch doesn't turn on every light in your house. That would waste energy. It’s no way to run your reefer system either.

Conventional reefers have a belt-driven mechanical transmission. So once you start the diesel engine, everything runs, whether it's needed or not. Vector systems use patented E-Drive™ all-electric hybrid technology to deliver the maximum in performance, efficiency and reliability.

The Vector™ Hybrid Trailer Refrigeration System provides:
  • Lower fuel consumption. In many operating modes, the Vector unit's all-electric architecture can turn components on independently, when they're needed --- and off when they're not. Even if you only utilize electric standby 20% of the time running 2,000 engine hours a year, that’s an average savings of more than $1,200 per unit at $3 per gallon for diesel.
  • Reduced maintenance cost. The Vector system eliminates many maintenance items such as alternators, drive belts, idlers, vibrasorbers, compressor shaft seals and clutches. Vector keeps your fleet on the road by eliminating most maintenance items that can cause downtime and expensive repairs. Put another way, if it isn’t there, it can’t break.
  • Cleaner Emissions. The latest in compliant engines far exceeds U.S. EPA and CARB specifications for cleanliness. Plus, when operated on electric standby, it helps eliminate emissions.
  • Lower Noise. Far lower than conventional reefers because many sources of mechanical noise have been eliminated. In addition, electric standby is extremely quiet and ideal for particularly noise-sensitive neighbors.
  • Total lower cost of ownership. Bottom line, Vector units improve your bottom line. Over the life of the system, the Vector unit’s all-electric design means components run fewer hours and last longer, which creates a unit with more longevity that costs less to operate and maintain over its life.

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The full line of Vector™ units---Reliability, efficiency and value run in the family

Crosspoint Power & Refrigeration locations sell, install and service all Carrier Transicold Vector hybrid trailer refrigeration units. They also maintain a large parts inventory and can quickly turn around orders for any part that isn’t immediately available.

For more information on Carrier Transicold hybrid trailer refrigeration units, contact the nearest Crosspoint Power & Refrigeration location to speak with a refrigeration specialist or visit the Carrier Transicold website.