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Transportation Solar Panels

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Thin Film Flexible Solar Panels

A transportation solar panel from Crosspoint Power & Refrigeration can help maintain the batteries in your truck or transport refrigeration unit. This panels are low maintenance and help offset power drains such as telematics and monitoring systems. We stock several panel sizes and are ready to install them on your truck or trailer. With a transportation solar panel installed on your vehicle, you can reduce the need to jump start a trailer unit that has been in the yard. 

Solar Operation

Our solar panels are designed to:

  • Provide Power Even in Low Light Conditions
  • Resist Extreme Weather Conditions
  • Flex as Needed
  • Reduce Reefer Fuel Consumption in Start/Stop and Sleep Modes
  • Reduce Call-Outs to Start a Dead Unit
  • Maintain Battery Charge
  • Extend Battery Life


To learn more about Transportation Solar Panels, contact the Crosspoint Power & Refrigeration location nearest you or utilize our online form to order parts.