Thin Film Flexible Solar Panels

Solar Panels for Trucks

A transportation solar panel from Crosspoint Power & Refrigeration can help maintain the batteries in your truck or transport refrigeration unit. We stock several panel sizes and are ready to install them on your truck or trailer. With a transportation solar panel installed on your vehicle, you can reduce the need to jump start a trailer unit that has been in the yard.


Our solar panels are designed to:
  • Provide Power Even in Low Light Conditions
  • Resist Extreme Weather Conditions
  • Flex as Needed
  • Reduce Reefer Fuel Consumption in Start/Stop and Sleep Modes
  • Reduce Call-Outs to Start a Dead Unit
  • Maintain Battery Charge
  • Extend Battery Life


A Go Power Solar controller sitting on a solar panel

Flexible Solar Panels

These panels are low maintenance and help offset power drains such as telematics and monitoring systems. Choose from the FLEX-30 or FLEX-100.

Inside of an enclosed trailer

Solar System Install

Crosspoint Power and Refrigeration offers solar system installs. We can spec and build a solar system for enclosed trailers. This includes:

  • Mounting solar panels
  • Installing the inverter
  • Mounting lights
  • Placing plugs throughout

Interested in Transportation Solar Panels?