ComfortPro APUs

Carrier ComfortPro APUs provide comfort without compromise.

What is an Auxiliary Power Unit?

Auxiliary Power Units or APUs are small power units that provide in-cab comfort such as air-conditioning while the main tractor engine is shut off. These units allow the driver to sleep comfortably without the need for idling the truck engine. For more information, check out our APU guide.

Features and Benefits of ComfortPro APUs

ComfortPro APUs provide many benefits to the driver, including:

  • Air Conditioning and Heat
  • 120V Shore Power
  • Truck Battery Charging*
  • Truck Engine Pre-Heat*
  • Fuel Savings over Idling the Truck Engine

*Available on the diesel version

Our ComfortPro APUs

Crosspoint offers two main types of APUs. Our diesel version is the most popular and consists of a small diesel engine mounted to the frame rail of the truck. Our electric option contains 4 high amp hour batteries designed to last 8 hours on a full charge.

ComfortPro Diesel APU

The ComfortPro Diesel APU is the industry standard. These units have a small, two cylinder engine that cools and heats the truck cab and provides 120V power through a 3000 watt generator. Click here to discover more.

ComfortPro Electric APU

The ComfortPro Electric APU quietly and efficiently cools the truck’s cab, keeping you comfortable while you rest. Click here to discover more.

APU Installation Packages

Learn more about the various types of units we install, and find the right APU Unit for your truck.

Why Choose Crosspoint Power and Refrigeration?

Crosspoint Power and Refrigeration is a leading ComfortPro dealer. Our expert technicians have installed hundreds of APUs, ensuring the highest quality of installation for years of service. We understand that your truck is your home away from home, and that’s why we have a dedicated APU bay so that you can get your unit serviced as quickly as possible, getting you back on the road.


What engine is in a Carrier ComfortPro APU?

The ComfortPro APU has a 2 cylinder tier 4 final Kubota engine. The engine has a rated output of 8.9 HP at 2400 RPM.

Is an APU worth it?

On average, we see about a 1 gallon per hour fuel savings of using a APU instead of idling the truck engine. This means that if you idle a truck engine for 1,000 hours per year, you would see a fuel savings of 1,000 gallons. At $4.00 per gallon, you would be saving $4000 per year. In addition, you would save

additional wear and maintenance on your main truck engine and emission system. Use this online calculator to determine what your potential savings may be:

Does an APU heat the engine?

Our integrated diesel APU is tied into the truck engine’s coolant system and will preheat the tractor engine, eliminating cold starts.

How long can you run an APU?

The comfortPro diesel APU has a programmable max run time feature. This feature can be set from 2 hours to 24 hours and prevents the unit from running unattended. Once the max runtime has been reached, the driver must push the power button again to restart the APU.

Can you run an APU while the truck is running?

Depending on the installation, the truck and APU engine may be able to run at the same time. If the APU was installed with an interlock, the truck engine must be turned off for the APU engine to start. Battery monitor will override the interlock in the case where a truck alternator fails while the tractor engine is on. In this case, the APU will charge the truck batteries, allowing the driver to reach the next repair shop.