CRX Gas Engines

CRX Engines

With nearly 2 million engines engines in the market, CRX air cooled gas engines are a great option for OEMs or service centers looking for a reliable air-cooled gas engine for their equipment.

Crosspoint Power and Refrigeration Ford Industrial Engine

Single Cylinder Engines

Our powerful line of CRX single-cylinder engines have been engineered to perform in a variety of outdoor applications. We’ve fine-tuned every element, carefully selecting each component to ensure your equipment has the power it needs for every job, every time. Whether you’re a DIY’er, or Industry Pro, CRX engines represent consistency, reliability and functional innovation.

CRX 165

Air-Cooled Overhead Valve
3.4kW | 3600 rpm | 34 lbs

CRX 210

Air-Cooled Overhead Valve
4.1kW | 3600 rpm | 33 lbs

CRX 225

Air-Cooled Overhead Valve
4.5kW | 3600 rpm | 33 lbs

CRX 275

Air-Cooled Overhead Valve

5.8kW | 3600 rpm | 41 lbs

CRX 340

Air-Cooled Overhead Valve
7.2 kW | 3600 rpm | 69 lbs

CRX 420

Air-Cooled Overhead Valve
9.0kW | 3600 rpm | 67 lbs

V Twin Engines

Big jobs need big power, and the CRX V-Twin Engine Line is the perfect power match for commercial/industrial applications. Built to last with premium features such as full pressure lubrication, oil cooler and filter, heavy-duty muffler, advanced air filtration system and a 20A alternator. If you’re looking to maximize your machine’s power output, CRX meets the demand for reliability and performance, every time you need it.


CRX 680

Air Cooled V-Twin OHV

14.5kW | 3600rpm | 109 lbs

CRX 750

Air Cooled V-Twin OHV

16.0kW | 3600rpm | 109 lbs

CRX 1000

Air Cooled V-Twin OHV

24kW | 3600rpm | 135 lbs

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