Tech Tips from Crosspoint Power & Refrigeration

Reefer Telematics

Do you have the optional remote power control switch on your Carrier Reefer? Are you wondering what that cover is on your reefer toggle switch? Today Caleb shows us what to look for when your Carrier Refrigeration Unit is installed with the remote power switch and how you can manually turn on your reefer.

Inspecting a Reefer for Leaks

Troy from Crosspoint Power & Refrigeration discusses what to look for when inspecting your refrigeration unit for leaks. First, look over the entire unit, including the front seal, front cover, water pump, compressor, shaft seal, and rear main. If you find any signs of possible leaks, call your Crosspoint Power and Refrigeration technician or bring your unit in for further inspection and repair.

Changing the Setpoint on your Carrier Refrigeration Unit

Today’s Tech Tip of the Day comes from Javorious on how to change the setpoint on your Carrier Refrigeration Unit.

Check the Fuel Level on your Carrier Refrigeration Unit

Today Troy shares his tip of the day – How to check the fuel level on your Trailer Refrigeration unit.

Caleb from Crosspoint Power and Refrigeration shows how to prime your Carrier refrigeration unit. If you accidentally ran your unit out of fuel, it may have trouble starting back up once you refill it. This video shows how to prime the unit so that you can restart your refrigeration unit and get back on the road.

Dominic shows us how to put the Carrier unit into manual defrost.


Milton shows us how to check the oil level and recommended PM services!

Tommy shows you how to check the oil level on your APU unit.

Make sure the unit is turned off before removing APU cover plates!

Caleb shows us how to check alarms on an advance micro.


Properly inspecting and conducting regular maintenance on your refrigeration unit will keep your reefer truck on the road for the long haul. Caleb from Crosspoint Power & Refrigeration reviews how to keep your Carrier Transicold Refrigeration unit clean.