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Can You Power a Food Truck With Solar Panels?

Solar panel systems have come a long way over the past 20 years. A quick drive around any city will produce many examples of solar panels in action. While solar panels have gained popularity, the types of application and how they are used have also grown. If you own...

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Top 5 Reasons Why Your APU Keeps Shutting Off

Why does my APU keep shutting off? You made an investment in an APU to keep your comfortable while you rest in your sleeper. Nothing can be more frustrating than an APU that keeps shutting off. Now you must resort to either idling your engine or bearing the brunt of...

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What is an APU on a Truck?

As fuel prices have climbed and emissions standards have become stricter, the prevalence of the Auxiliary Power Unit for over-the-road trucking has increased. Pull through any local truck stop and you will see the defining characteristic of the condenser mounted on...

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Corrosion Prevention Tips

We are all aware of the damage salt does to vehicles. Corrosion is mother nature’s response to the salt we use on our roads to keep us safe from the snow and ice. While doing its job by melting snow and ice, this salty water mixture turns into a fine mist and manages...

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Indy Food Drop

Indy Food Drop is an initiative in the Indianapolis area that helps redirect declined food shipments. Whether a shipment was rejected due to improper temperature, damaged packaging, or browning and bruising of produce, Indy Food Drop uses rejected food to feed the...

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